Your Virtual Asthma Coach

Could use some help managing your child's asthma? Going to the ER too often? New to asthma? We'll do the hard part for you.

Meet Masma

Pleased to meet you.

This is Masma, the world's first virtual asthma coach. Masma equips you with everything you'll need to keep your child's asthma under control all the time and wherever you are.

What if you could...

Have Masma think for you

Asthma not under control? Masma will figure out why and give you specific instructions that will make a big difference for your child's asthma.

Have Masma do your heavy lifting

Med Reminders

Get daily push notifications to remind you to give controller medicine.

Outdoor Trigger Alerts

Get alerts when outdoor triggers become serious.

Step-by-Step Tools

Walk through how to use your inhaler or find hidden triggers. Avoid mistakes other parents make!

Urgent Care Center

Find nearby urgent care centers during emergencies.

Predict Med Changes

Get notified if your child could be on better asthma medicine.

Ask your asthma specialist instead of Google

Doing what you can to keep asthma under control, but your child is still having attacks? Masma connects you to an asthma specialist who is available 24/7 to answer your questions and provide support.

Have Masma train you

Did you know there are 6 asthma skills every parent should master to keep asthma under control? Masma will show you exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are and create a personalized, world-class training program just for you.

How it Works

Activate Masma

Download the Masma app on your smartphone and sign up.

Meet your Asthma Specialist

Set up a call with your asthma specialist who will personalize the program just for you.

Let Masma Run

You'll receive trigger alerts, med reminders, world class training, and human expert support. When asthma becomes a problem, Masma will help.